The sauvignon
It is the unique grape variety of the Menetou-Salon blanc.
This is where the Sauvignon was originally grown. Indeed, it is in our Centre-Loire region that the best soil and climate conditions meet to offer you this unique wine.

The Pinot noir
It is a rare variety in the vineyards of the Loire Valley.
The Pinot noir is the single variety for the Menetou-Salon rouge and the Menetou-Salon rosÚ. Because it is cultivated on our local soil and climate, it produces delicate and elegant wines. Yet, their delicacy always reveals a shade of aromas which vary from year and year and make each vintage unique.

The Menetou Salon is a wine of "Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée" (i.e. A.O.C.). Our wines are controlled by an accredited laboratory and accepted by a commission of experts.

Our wines

An AOC divided into three colors

The Menetou-Salon blanc, from Sauvignon variety, reveals a brilliant colour with pale-gold or greenish yellow reflections. It is both fruity and bodied, and offers exceptional aromas of exotic fruits and flowers.
In the mouth, it is full with a long finish, and finally reveals its flavor with persistant great aromas.
Served as an aperitif, It will gently prepare your palate to the most delicate dishes, and beautifully suit whichever meal may be served with it (i.e. sea food, fish with sauce, warm starters, goat cheese, etc)

The Menetou-Salon rouge, from the elegant Pinot noir variety is ruby-coloured with a ripe-cherry and plum-scented bouquet.
Supple and elegant, it is among the very few wines that you can equally enjoy whether you taste them young or after a few-year stay in your cellar.
As a young wine, it perfectly suits all your meal, whereas after 2 or 3 years in the bottle, it will astonish you on the most prestigious meals.

The Menetou-Salon rosÚ, also coming from the Pinot noir variety, is delicate and elegant. It has a salmon colour and a subtle aroma.
Very refreshing with a snack or during a barbecue party, it will be very pleasant on improvised meals, and smart on exotic dinners.


The "cuvées"

The cuvée "TRADITION"
It is produced with an absolute respect of the terroir and the tradition.
It is the quintessence of the A.O.C. MENETOU-SALON.

The cuvée "EXCEPTION"
It is another expression of our wines.
The Menetou-Salon rouge Cuvée Exception matures in oak barrels during 12 months.
The Menetou-Salon blanc Cuvée Exception is harvested after a 10-day delay. It is matured for 10 months on thin lees (25 % in oak barrels and 75 % in thermo-regulated tanks).
These methods result in bodied, full and aromatic wines, with a long finish but still typical of Menetou-Salon.


The range

In addition to the regular 75-cl bottle, different sizes are offered for various events :

« Just to taste », alone or for two people...
The "demi-bouteille" contains 37.5 cl - 2 glasses.

For a romantic dinner, for « just as an aperitif », or if you enjoy tasting some different wines...
The "Chopine" contains 50 cl - 3 to 4 glasses.

For the family meals, for smart meals, to offer, to mature the wine in perfect conditions...
The "Magnum" contains 150 cl

For family events, or other exceptional events, as a present...
the Menetou Salon cuvée Tradition can be sold in the following sizes :

Jéroboam ( 3 litres)
Réhoboam (4,5 litres)
Mathusalem (6 litres)
Salmanazar (9 litres)
Balthazar (12 litres)
Nabuchodonosor (15 litres)
Salomon (18 litres)

All these prestigious bottles are delivered together with a personalised label, according to your own wishes and expectations.

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